Excavation & Backhoe Services in Warwick, RI

When installing a new septic system or replacing damaged underground components, excavation is a necessity. Rather than hiring an additional company to move the earth for these services, Michael Perri & Sons Septic Service, Inc. is your all-in-one excavating contractor in Rhode Island. We’ll move the earth and perform any septic work all in the same project, to keep your costs low and get your system up and running quicker.

A full scope of site work

As a fully-equipped backhoe service in Rhode Island, we’re ready to tackle projects big and small that require excavation work. Choose us for any of the following services:

Backhoe Service

Backhoe services

If you’re shaping your landscape or doing minor excavation work, give us a call. We’ll make quick work of your project and leave you with results that allow your project to move forward swiftly and smoothly.

Backhoe Service

Stump removals

An unsightly stump has no place on your landscape! Let us dig it out and remove it, filling in the hole to leave your lawn looking pristine. Our excavation service saves you the time and trouble of trying to cut, pulverize or grind it.

Backhoe Service

Foundation digging services

To prepare for pouring and paving, excavation is critical. We’ll dig the foundation for your next development and help keep you on time and within budget right from the get-go.

Backhoe Service


Whether you’re putting in a new in-ground pool or you’re excavating for a drain tile system, we’re the professionals to call. Our excavation experience is encompassing, and we’re ready to help you get your project off on the right foot.

Expert excavation

The experts at Michael Perri & Sons Septic Service, Inc. are here to provide you with excavation and backhoe services, no matter the size or scope of the project. Whether you’re installing a new septic system or you’re digging the foundation for a new development, trust our capable team to assist you in Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, or Providence, RI. Contact us at 401-736-8313 for more information about our scope of backhoe services, sewer line repair, septic pumping, and other capabilities and how we can assist you.