Septic Pumping in Warwick, RI

Good maintenance of your septic and grease trap systems starts with routine pumping by a qualified professional. Contact Michael Perri & Sons Septic Service, Inc. for reliable pumping services, performed on-schedule and with the right equipment. If you’re in Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, or Providence, RI, we’ll make sure your septic tank or grease trap get the relief they need, without bringing any mess or more to your home or business.

Septic Pumping

Septic Pumping

A standard septic tank is routinely pumped every 3 years depending on its capacity and use. Unfortunately, not everyone remembers to call for pumping services after so much time has passed. If you’re getting noxious odors, slow draining or nasty backflow from your facilities, it’s time for septic tank pumping in Rhode Island.

We use heavy-duty vac trucks to properly pump your septic system and we take care to see that your septic environment is left balanced when we’re done. We’re also on-call for emergency septic pumping and can help you correct issues that may be causing your tank to act up.

Septic Pumping

Grease Trap Pumping

Grease traps are the only thing standing between your plumbing and tons of grease-related problems! In commercial facilities, fats, oils and greases (FOG) are the cause of everything from blocked pipes to septic tank issues. A grease trap helps prevent these issues—but the trap itself needs servicing to stay reliable.

We’ll gladly provide your facilities with grease trap pumping in Rhode Island. We empty traps cleanly and without issue, so you can rely on your trap to function efficiently, keeping grease controlled. We’ll empty your trap so it can effectively do its job: Protect your greater plumbing and septic system from FOG.

Septic Pumping

Call us for Pumping Service

Grease trap and septic pumping are two critical jobs that demand professional service. Michael Perri & Sons Septic Service, Inc. is ready to deliver it.

Contact us today at 401-736-8313 for more information about pumping services, septic tank cleaning, backhoe service, sewer line repair, and more, or to schedule an appointment.

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